How do I contract with Monarchy?

STEP 1: Email showing interest in joining the company.

STEP 2: Visit the PARTNER.ARISE.COM website and create a profile by clicking on the words “GET STARTED” if you have been referred to Monarchy by another client support professional make sure you give them credit by placing their CSP ID in the block where it is being requested.

STEP 3: Take the voice assessment. This is a onetime deal if you do not pass the voice assessment you cannot be added to the company. Take your time make sure you are in a quiet place with great reception a land line is best. You will be informed of either a PASS or FAIL immediately.

STEP 4: Complete the background check everyone has a chance so I do encourage all to apply. For the background check it normally takes about 3-10 business days to return with a result.

STEP 5:  Join Monarchy in this step you will select “Join an already existing company affiliated with arise” once there you will place in Monarchy’s IBO number 54494 and submit. Email so that you can be accepted into the company as soon as possible.

STEP 6: Take CSP101 pay close attention the course is only about 30 minutes to an hour long. You only get 2 chances. If you fail CSP101 you will not be able to continue. You will get 5 days to complete the course.

STEP 7: You are there all you have to do now is choose the client opportunity which normally cost from $29-$250 depending on the client. Prior to selecting the client take a look at the compensation on the website in the contracts area you will have to create a log on to complete this task. Any Contract that you do not see listed email so that we may update the site for you.

How much is my investment?

The investment in Aries starts off with your background check which is  $45.00, but this is on sale right now $7.95*

The second portion of the investment is CSP101 which is $99.00 on sale 5$ right now. This is a one time course that will teach you the ins and outs of the Arise network so that you can pick and service your client.

Lastly you will have to invest in your client training the course range from $29-$250 it is a one time fee per client. This course teaches you all about the client of choice and how to service their customers.

Other items you will need to service the client:

You must invest in your own computer that meets the system requirements. (most csp’s have this item already)


You will need a Plantronics headset to service the customers. (this item sells for $50.00-$90.00 online) Here is a link to the cheapest one that we have found online

80(14)You will need a separate VOIP headset for the client course these can be found online starting at $6.00

You will also need internet to service the customers. (most csp’s already have this service)

A telephone home service land line. (when bundled with cable and internet it normally cost about $12.00)

How will I be paid as a CSP?

Arise releases pay on the 10th and the 25th after 12:00 pm est of each month if either of the two days are on a weekend or a holiday the payments will be sent on the following first business day. The pay period for the 10th will cover the previous 16th-31st dates, and the pay period for the 25th will cover the 1st-15th. Since you are a contractor there will be no taxes deducted. The contractor pay comes lump sum to Monarchy where the payment will be forwarded to your bank account. Monarchy deals soley with Bank of America accounts.

Monarchy deducts 5% as a cost of doing business fee which is fully tax delectable for you as a contractor.

Fee breakdown

2% transaction fee

3% filing fee



What Are the Benefits of Being a 1099 Employee?

What Are the Benefits of Being a 1099 Employee?


If you’ve grown tired of working for an employer or are looking to start your own business, one option is to become an independent contractor. Independent contractors are sometimes called 1099 employees. This is taken from the name of the IRS form a client must send to an independent contractor if the client paid more than $600 for the contractor’s services in a given year. A primary difference between 1099 employees and regular employees is that independent contractors have significantly greater control over their work situation.


Greater Flexibility

As a 1099 worker, you are your own boss, which gives you greater career flexibility. You are not tied to one employer, so you have more freedom to select assignments from multiple employers that meet your wants and needs, and to refuse those that are unsuitable. More emphasis is often placed on the finished product rather than the time it takes to complete a task, so you also enjoy increased scheduling flexibility. This can make a 1099 arrangement beneficial for individuals such as parents with young children or retirees looking to supplement their income.

No Tax Withholding

You will enjoy greater control over your tax situation as a 1099 employee. Independent contractors are not subject to the withholding of federal, state, or local tax by an employer, so nothing is deducted from your paycheck. You are paid the full amount you contract for. This can help you meet your short-term final obligations and result in an improved cash flow situation. The IRS requires you to make quarterly estimated tax payments unless you meet qualifications for certain exceptions, and you can incur penalties if you underpay.

Increased Earnings Potential

Unlike a typical employer-employee relationship, there is no ceiling on your earnings as a 1099 employee. There are no limitations placed on the number of hours you work, and you are free to negotiate your own rates and terms with prospective clients. The fact that employers do not have to shell out for items such as Social Security, Medicare, unemployment insurance and fringe benefits also gives them the freedom to pay an independent contractor more for specialty services than they might be willing to pay an in-house employee for comparable services.

Tax Deductions

The IRS considers independent contractors to be self-employed business owners, which offers you the opportunity to deduct a number of business expenses on your income tax return. As of 2012, deductible expenses can include health insurance premiums, office supplies, auto and travel expenses, a portion of home rent or mortgage payments, and a portion of utility costs. Therefore, it is essential to keep accurate and thorough records of all expenses you incur in the course of your work-related activities.

What is a CSP?

A CSP is a Client Service Professional. This is anyone who joins the Arise network under an IBO. An IBO is an independent business owner.