My Work From Home Story

My Work From Home Story

I have been in the Army National Guard for over 11 years. When I got back from my last deployment in August of 2012 I could not find a job.  I searched for 6 months. I thought all was lost. I was coming into my final month of unemployment benefits. I went to a virtual job fair. The job fair was hosted by mill-recruit. Arise was there, and they filled me in on everything I would have to do to be a member. I was right where you are today. I took my certification course in Carnival Cruise lines. I can say that I have been working for Carnival for over 15 months and love the fact that I can choose when and when not to work. The flexibility is great being a mother of one. I now I can classify myself as a work from home Mom. I have more time to do the things I love. My husband also likes the fact that I am here when he needs me. I can vacation when ever he is off from his work.

Yes, with Arise you have to invest in your future, but with this investment comes flexibility. You are an independent contractor and it is the life that I love.




Rock climbing is one of them. :)

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